A research project on packaging for a natural fruit juice beverage for adults.





Who's the Brew?

Juicy Brew is a company based out of Honolulu, Hawaii that produces and sells a natural fruit juice adult beverages. By mixing natural, tropical inspired flavors and an ideal dosage of alcohol, Juicy Brews products are made to keep the fun going for any party, get-together, or night out.

What's the Brew?

Key Features

Screw on cap made of eco-friendly plastic to help reseal your beverage and keep it fresh for hours.


The ideal size and shape of bottle that uses bio-degradable paper products and holds up to 3 servings of Juice.

Utilizes natural, tropical-
inspired fruit flavors such as pineapple, coconut, guava, peach, and mango.


Combines the right amount of alcohol and natural juice to help prevent hangovers and promote an ideal option for health-conscious drinkers.



Who cares about the Brew?

Stakeholder Analysis

Determining the stakeholders that are presented with an alcoholic product helps reveal what features of the product need to be prioritized. Since this is an alcoholic beverage the taste, size, and ingredients matter a lot. However, above all the safety of the product is the number one most important feature to prioritize.

Who drinks the Brew?

User Persona

The targeted audience and ideal age range for this product can be tricky. The goal is to appeal to a younger crowd, but with the intentions of catering to those that are of age (21 and older). Because of some restrictions, the party-going older college students and celebratory young bachelors of society will be the targeted audience for this product.

Attending concerts, kickbacks, and going on hikes with friends.

Favorite Drinks:
Hard Cider, Craft Beer.

Junk food, raves, and that feeling you get when your foot falls asleep.

Least Favorite Drinks:
Tequila shots, Boxed Wine, and Margaritas.

Competitive Analysis

Who competes with the Brew?

Among all the RTD (Ready to Drink) beverages on the market, Smirnoff ICE, BEATBOX, and TRULY were shown to be the most successful and unique. Taking their key qualities into consideration, research shows that consumers are most attracted to drinks with many unique flavors, a portable and easily disposable package, and natural ingredients when choosing their beverage of choice.




TRULY Spiked & Sparkling

• Hard seltzer.
• Natural flavors.
• Created market for health-
conscious drinkers


• “Party Juice”
• Highly portable & resealable.
• 3 servings in one container.

Smirnoff ICE

• Pre-Mixed Cocktails.
• Assortment of unique flavors.
• Optimal dosage of alcohol.

Who tested the Brew?

User Testing

Multiple user surveys were conducted between June 9th and June 11th between a total of 17 users. The objective of the survey was to determine a preference of drinking methods, social setting, and decision making when buying a drink.

Why choose the Brew?

Market Growth

The market that Juicy Brew would fall into is a newly arising market of alcoholic beverages. Current trends have shown more “health conscious” drinks such as hard seltzers and alcoholic fruit juices are becoming more popular and finding more success. According to the Business Insider and the Beverage Marketing Corp. hard seltzer sales in America have grown by 42% over the last 5 years. 


Hard Seltzer Sales


$53 Million of Sales Value


$74 Million of Sales Value

Research Summary

Through the research done for this project, I’ve learned that there is a newly arising market for health-conscious drinkers. Studies have shown that people are now more interested in beverages that can still benefit them in some ways or be less harmful than typical alcoholic choices. User tests also showed that most people don’t think too much about preventing their hangovers aside from drinking water alongside their drinking. While that method is a good one, it still doesn’t replenish the necessary nutrients they deplete themselves of when drinking. A product like Juicy Brew will fill that niche of health conscious drinkers, but still be an interesting and pleasing choice for the average drinker. 



Branding the Brew

Research Results

Icons & Color Palette






Logo & Type

Hand Lettering

ASAP (Bold)


Based on the research made, Juicy Brew will fall into the market of eco-friendly products and health-conscious beverages while maintaining a fun and playful attitude. The design of the packaging will convey it’s playful nature and be made with eco-friendly paper products in the form of a resealable carton that contains 16 fl. oz. of Juice. The Juice will come in five different, tropical inspired flavors that are made with the fruits’ natural juices and will be displayed by illustrative fruit icons and matching color palette.

Packaging & Flavors











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