Extra Life is a non-profit organization that partners with gamers and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to raise funds through the means of gaming. Donations and funds raised go directly to benefiting children in need of hospital bills being paid, funding research, or providing forms of entertainment.


While they’re successful in raising funds within the gaming community, Extra Life misses some opportunities to reach their audience with their full potential. The current branding does not fully convey their intended message as it has issues with consistency and does not being to catch a viewer outside their current community's attention as well as it potentially could.


Making the branding more consistent, digestible and flexible through a new identity and consistent color palette that fits the audience of both gamers and charitable partners. Increasing their social media and eSports presence through conceptualizing useful and unique branding touch-points that will be used across social platforms and streaming platforms such as Twitch. 

Over 100,000 Gamers have partnered with Extra Life to raise money.

Extra Life has raised over $40 Million for children since 2008.

Proceeds go to 170 member hospitals that provide 32 Million 

treatments each year.


Final Logo

The solution for the logo design was inspired behind what the name of the company meant to it’s audience. In the history of video games, an “extra life” or any sort of item gained was symbolized by the iconic “+1”. This symbol served as the driving force behind the design for the trademark to keep the sense of nostalgia and iconic symbolism that gamers have experienced throughout their lives.  Mixing this iconography with the classic cross symbol used for hospitals helped reinforce the idea that this was a company that used video games to benefit the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.


Color Palette








Montserrat Bold

Montserrat ExtraBold

Adjusted t crossbar

Single story a

Rounded sans-serif


Twitch Emotes


Extra Life is primarily a web-based company, so the website serves as the primary touch-point. People seeking more information about the organization and how it benefits it's partners will have more ease of access to that information. Those that are already partnered with Extra Life will be able to check their progress on how much funds they've raised through the leader board feature placed on the homepage.

Hero image slider that will have event updates and news frequently rotated.

Alternate Hero Images

The leader board section shows player and team progress on funds raised. The top fund raisers are signified by the number of stars they have by their name. Leader boards are separated by daily progress, weekly progress, and the top all time fund raisers.


Social outreach is an important factor for a company that is a non-profit and depends on viewers / partners to raise the funds for their cause. Using a popular platform like Instagram is ideal to show imagery for events, fund-raising campaigns, and success stories. The Instagram campaign also allows it's assets to easily be transferred to sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Profile Page

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Event Post


As a company that partners with gamers, it's necessary to have assets for those partners to use while streaming content that benefits Extra Life's cause. Twitch is currently the most popular streaming service for personal streamers, gaming events, and tournaments and will be used as the template for the layouts. The stream layouts will take into consideration the screen space needed for the game itself as well the elements that work around that screen to display the information needed for the streamer or event.

Personal Stream

The layout for the "Personal Streamer" takes into consideration the space needed for the streamer's face came, donation goal, social media handles, and current promotions; such as T-Shirt Sales. Including convenient assets such as a current time-zone clock and updated subscriber count allows viewers to feel more interactive with the streamer.


Charity Event

The layout for the "Charity Event" focuses on events that involve speed runs, or playthroughs of games in world record time. Because the event is focused on not only the gameplay, but the player, crowd, and donation goals, these assets were included in the layout. Allowing the viewers to keep up to date with live progress on donations, top donations, and shoutouts help viewer interaction with the entire event staff, and not just the person playing the game.


Competitive Event

The layout for the "Competitive Event" puts the entire focal point on the gameplay. Viewers focus on only what match they're watching between two competitors and only need the necessary information to keep up with the match. With that in consideration, this is the simplest layout that only includes the tournament name, position in bracket (what round), and the set count between the players (who's winning).


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